Toddler Time (formerly Busy Fingers)

Our color cut and paste projects help preschoolers prepare for Kindergarten.  We encourage you to allow your child to work at their own pace and allow them the opportunity to complete the project themselves.

DESCRIPTION: Once a month craft project; non-structured adult/child color, cut and paste projects

DAYS: Wednesday and Thursday of the first full week of each month

AGES: 30 months through 5 year-olds with adult supervision & participation

TIME: 10:30-noon, walk-in



What: Toddler Time

Dates: February 3rd,  10th, 17th,  and 24th

Who: Birth – 30 months with accompanying adult

Time: 10:30 to 11:15

Location: Basement-Cordingley Room

These programs are free and open to the public.

 Schedule subject to change

SOCIAL SKILLS: Attempts new tasks knowing it is okay to make mistakes: Shows pride in accomplishments: Follows a simple direction: Stays with an activity to completion: Asks for help: Participates in clean-up activities: Follows simple safety rules

MOTOR SKILLS: Cuts with scissors: Holds and uses crayons, markers, pens and pencils correctly

REASONING & CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT: Understands concepts of in/out, under/over, on/off, front/back, etc.: Describes how objects are the same or different

LANGUAGE SKILLS: Follows one- and two-step oral directions

READING SKILLS: Recognizes some common words in print: Recognizes many uppercase and lowercase letters: Recognizes some letter sounds: Puts events of a story in order

WRITING SKILLS: Tries to write, scribble or draw: Asks you to write words or notes to others: Attempts to write own name and recognizes own name in print

MATHEMATIC CONCEPTS: Compares the size of groups of objects using language such as “more,” “less” and “same as”: Arranges objects in size order (big to small, or small to big); Uses comparison words, like "bigger," "smaller," "heavier," etc.: Understands concepts of nonesome and all and more than and less than: Identifies and draws a square, circle and triangle: Correctly counts four to ten objects: Knows that the final number counted represents the total number of objects in a set: Recognizes some numbers, 1 – 10: Can distinguish numbers from letters, and understands that numbers relate to quantity

CREATIVE ARTS & MUSIC: Recognizes and names basic colors: Draws recognizable shapes and simple objects: Tells a story with pictures


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